Cataract Co-Management with NVISION Laser Eye Centers

Collaborative efforts and latest technology insure best outcomes

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Advances in cataract surgery in the last decade have been nothing short of astonishing. Premium intraocular lens implants for presbyopia (the condition which requires the use of reading glasses) including Restor, Crystalens and Technis multifocal IOL have revolutionized the option to correct both far and near vision, often eliminating the need for prescription eyeglasses. Additionally, very recent new technology utiliziing Alcon's LenSx image-guided femtosecond laser, completely bladeless micro-incisions and crystalline lens emulsification are possible. For the first time ever, cataract surgery can be accomplished almost completely with a laser improving both safety and the visual outcome. In the hands of our seasoned and skilled co-managing surgeon, Dr. Dan B. Tran of NVISION Eye Laser Vision Centers, a pain-free outpatient experience allows for a near complete return to function with extraordinary vision the very next day. Dr. Tran recently performed the very first LenSx laser cataract surgery in the state of California.

The best care possible cataract pre-and post operative care comes from the collaboration between Dr. Tran and myself. If you have cataracts, and feel that they are significantly impairing your vision, call our office for a cataract surgery evaluation. Through various tests, we will determine if you are a candidate for surgery and for what technology.  I will work extensively with Dr. Tran and NVISION Laser Vision Centers to make certain you enjoy the absolute best outcome possible.    

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