Contact Lens Exam

Comprehensive eye exams for contact lens wearers


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If you are interested in wearing  or currently wear contact lenses, make sure to mention it when scheduling your eye exam. A contact lens exam requires additional testing to determine the power and fit of your contact lenses. We first ask questions about your lifestyle needs including sports, social, and recreational .  We then determine your prescription power for glasses and contact lenses, assess your eyes’ teaming ability (binocular vision), and check for eye diseases. Measurements of corneal topography and curvature, and evaluation of your tear film and  pupil size will be taken to ensure an optimum fit. 

After finding a contact lens that is comfortable for you, fits properly, and provides good vision, we will write a prescription for your contact lenses which contains the parameters of your new contact lenses.  Annual eye exams are recommended so we can monitor the health of your eyes, and check on the progress with the contact lenses.  

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